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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Turn Your Aunty on by Touching

Do you dream of your aunties or horny women in your family or neighborhood. Are you looking for a chance to hugg or kiss her? Take a look at the following seduction tips on how to turn your aunty on by touching.

Hugging and kissing a family member is safe gestures which say I like you, I missed you, I am glad to be with you, I like and appreciate your support and care, I love to spending time with you etc. 

Hugging, kissing, or exchanging affection and hugging & kissing unnatural way can be understood by your body language. It is recommended that you cultivate a culture of wishing or exchanging affection to your aunty when you meet by giving her a hugg and kissing on her cheek or forehead. Then relax don't try to seduce then and there. This will help you to have a friendly relation with your aunty. This type of exchanging affection you should keep as normal to all men and women equal.

Casually and gently touch the outside of her right arm while talking with her. This verbally express you're a personable, socially adept kind of guy. Don't be afraid to give it a try - you'll notice the benefits immediately. Doing so helps maintain the bond and rapport you've already created and also helps build it further, into mutually felt sexual attraction.

Once she feel comfortable with your touching, hugging and kissing, it is time to sexually attract. But it is adviced that complete No-No if you are not serious or just looking for a fun. Because if she arouse sexually, you need to satisfy her and ensure you are always there for her. If you both are attracted, you can turn her on by touching.

 Girls get turned on when they are touched. Touch her fingers and run your fingertips on her cheeks down to her chin. Do it with passion. Be gentle so that she can feel it passionately. The ears and neck are some of the sensitive pats of women. So ensure you give a gentle massage to her ears, neck and shoulder.

Explore her chest using your index fingertip. Run it gently down to her chest then feel the cleavage. Now, run your fingertip to her breasts.Give her breasts a soft and sweet massage. Do this over and over again.Now rub your fingertips on her love handles and tummy. Stay for quite a while. Go down and down. Rub your fingertips on her thigh and then to her legs. You can keep your one hand to her breasts if you want.

There are things that are applicable to a certain woman but are not effective in others. Find out what tickles your woman and be passionate, that’s the secret. If she loves something, just do it. Some aunties don't like sex but truely enjoys your touching if you are passion to her body and always exchange affection by hugging & kissing, you will be most welcomed in their life. Express as much affection in a hug, a kiss, or gesture as you can with much more intimate actions.


Make sure you are reading their body language well before, during, and after the hug is completed. If they're asking for it, slowly give it to them. if they're enjoying it, keep doing it! If they're signaling it's time to pull away, don't be greedy! If you end up in an awkward hug right off the bat then apologize with a confident laugh and try again. It's about both of you relaxing and having fun so make it fun and make sure it's fun for your aunt as well.


If your aunty is not interested to have intimate with you or don't love touching her body, don't force her just say friendly sorry and give a hugg. Remember to stop with just saying hi and give a hugg. Don't try to kiss, touch or make her uncomfortable.

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