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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Enjoying aunties as a Early Riser

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" this is what we learn from childhood in schools, same in our professional or office life and hear from our friends who are early riser. In my family, it was a rule that everyone had to wake up before sunrise. You might be used to staying up late, perhaps watching TV or surfing the Internet but if you are living in a city then sure you should know the benefits of becoming an Early Riser.

One day I woke up a little early and I saw my neighbor aunty in front yard,just outside the gate, she splashes the water,cleans it,and sits down to put up the rangoli pattern. Next day same time I woke up and again saw aunty putting rangoli pattern. So when I was going office I was watching the rangoli suddenly aunty came outside for going to some super market. She and me greeted each other with smile. Then I knew my aunty puts rangoli on daily morning so I thought to watch her from next day.

On next morning I woke up but aunty has not came out for rangoli but after 5 to 15 min I saw her coming with a bucket of water and broom. As it was early morning and no one is in and around her home, she was tucking her saree to her waist and I can see her one leg till knee. She was wearing an old nightie but beauty and sexiness sprouting from every part of her body, be it the breast or the ass. One could never take eyes off.

I noticed that around 5 am she splashes the water in front of her gate, clean it and goes to take a bath. After bath she offer prayer to her god and in front of her gate she bend down to put up the rangoli pattern. I love watching her cleavage when she bends and draws the design. The most beautiful part is the strand of hair falling over her head,and everytime she puts it back with the grace,one has to only see to believe.

Everyday she wakes at five o clock in the morning and sweeps the varanda and do the morning chorus like rangoli and all stuff. This goes in routine with her. Once, me and my friends decided to go for jogging in the morning hours. When i came back, i saw aunty sweeping the varanda with a low neck nighty. I really got heated up and anyone who was there could have easily seen my cock. I was literally staring at her boobs since that was the first time i came to the look of a boobs. I could see her cleavages and legs at glimpses here and there which aroused me a lot.

Next day I was watching her from my window, as no one can see me doing this, I was staring at her boobs. Suddenly she noticed me staring at her and suddenly covered her boobs with the towel and looked at me like turning me into ash. I went inside and didnt really come out until she went in and I was a little scared as she may complaint to her husband. So when her sons and daughter had gone to school and her husband to office, i knocked on her door, she came out with same kind of nighty and opened the door and ask me what i want. I really apologised and I was really embarrassed but aunty smiled and invited inside and offered breakfast but I told her I already had so she told then a cup of tea/coffee. I said sure Tea.

She asked whether this is the first time i happened to see a boob of a female. I was embarrassed but aunty said not a problem I am just asking. Really it was my first time but I said her No i have seen others also but first day I saw her cleavage when she bends for Rangoli, it aroused me a lot. She gave a funny smile and appreciated for my frankness. Then she started flirting, I too flirted like a innocent boy. 

She directly attacked with question what do you feel when you see me after that, do you feel one day you will tell this to me and I will let you f**k me. I said no aunty, I respect you and your family life. I know you will never cheat your husband or will have sex with others. She was very happy with that answer but she asked then why you flirted with me. I told aunty I was not flirting but telling the truth and I believe Flirting is Ok. It is simply for amusement, with no intention of developing any further relationship. Then I left for the day.

Next day when she was putting Rangoli, I just watched from my balcony and she gave a friendly smile. I then was watching her through my window and she was happily putting rangoli pattern knowing that I was watching her cleavage, thighs and her body parts from my home. After her husband goes office and her children to school, i used to visit her home and have coffee and have chit chats.

One day when I was going for coffee, she was going to clean the room and seek my help. Aunty was standing on the stool with her saree folded till her knees and getting the things from the loft and i was standing under her to collect it. I could see her sexy thighs very close but I controlled myself from touching her. After cleaning house, I was about to leave for the day she called me to her bedroom. She told if you want you can touch my boobs,  but not sex please. I said it is ok aunty, you have a good heart that you offered and I kissed her gently and started smooching. For a moment I felt I am in some bollywood movie, I gently hugged her and smooched. At last i touched her boobs which I was just enjoying from a distance and removed her nightly zip and lick her boobs and squeezed it. I tried to lick her pussy but she stopped. I said no I will not f**k, just to lick it. She willingly or not willingly allowed me to finger in and lick her pussy. I thanked aunty for that great day and said bye for the day.

Next day as usual we used to watch each other in early morning and I went to her home in morning  and had breakfast. Watched TV, flirted each other, touching each other bodies, kissing her boobs but I never had sex with her. 

If you are early riser you can go for a walk in between 6 to 7 and I am sure, you can see hot aunties in your neighborhood cleaning their home verandha or putting Rangoli. If you are going before, 6 am for a walk, you can see many aunties tuck their saree or nighty to navel and exposing their sexy thighs or legs.Don't stare boobs, just look like you accidently saw the aunty body parts. My some of friends have quit their day jobs to find time with aunties when their husband and kids are away from home. But this April & May, their kids don't have schools and these little devils are not even interested to go to their home town in vacation.

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