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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Delhi Police blame women for provoking rape.

Delhi Police blame women for provoking rape. The keepers of law - caught on secret camera (expose by Tehelka and NDTV) - believe it's a woman's behaviour that is a prime reason and if it were not for "provocation" from her end, rapes wouldn't happen. "Go to a pub in Greater Kailash, South Delhi, where there's free entry for girls. You'll find those who want to do 'it' for a thousand rupees. They'll drink and also have sex with you. But the day someone uses it, it's rape," said Sunil Kumar, SHO, Ghazipur, Delhi-NCR.

"Girls from Darjeeling and Nepal have come here for business purposes. They go with men for money. Later, when the money is not sufficient, it becomes a rape," said Rajpal Yadav, Additional SHO of Sector 29, Gurgaon.

One of the cops, investigating the case of a teenaged girl from Noida who was gangraped in a moving car in February this year, said a girl who gets into a car with 10 boys can never be innocent and she should have known the consequences of drinking with boys.

He didn't even spare her mother. "The girl's mother is divorced. She's living with another man from the Yadav community. She's 48 whereas the man is 28. Now when two young girls watch their 48-year-old mother sleeping with a 28-year-old man, even they'll be aroused. Sex is like hunger," said Ram Kumar Malik, Sub-inspector, Noida Police.

 "We are all worried about this atmosphere where women do not feel safe" Sheila Dikshit. This has to change. Our govt makes it mandatory that all women who work after 8 pm should be dropped home by their employer. I have not seen those tapes myself, but I will watch it and talk to the Police Commissioner myself she added.

 "Delhi has become Rape capital due to the misogynist mindset of Delhi Police. Hope expose awakens the nation before it's late,"tweets a Karthikeyan. "It is sad to hear the character assassination of rape victims by some police officers in Delhi. This mindset has to change!" tweeted actor Farhan Akhtar.

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